These are photos from around the world.  In addition to your children and grandchildren, these species and the ice stored at the North and South Pole are at risk if we don't stop the increase in the carbon dioxide levels as this is the cause of global warming.  We must stop coal use, oil use and natural gas use.  These all store carbon dioxide that is released when these are burned.  The stored CO2 and other compounds, some of which are toxic, are released from the decayed matter that actually formed these compounds.  Thus, no "clean" coal or oil exists.

Key to photos:  Galapagos tortoise; ice burg in Antarctica; penguin and chicks; Sally lightfoot crab in the Galapagos; polar bear; humpback whale in Antarctica;  iguana in Galapagos; cheetahs in Botswana; and Indri lemur in Madagascar. 

Think of these pictures and the world around you when you recycle, find a way to reuse items, or re-purpose items to avoid them from getting into our oceans and landfills.  Study carefully to find all the ways each person can do things differently to avoid contamination of our planet.  Learn the effects of each thing tossed out and then don't toss it out but recycle it.  Thank you for reading my website.